Happy New Year! Here, at Lines of Designs, we are kicking off our new year dedicated to the good old "fresh start". We are looking forward to reaching the every day woman through our new blog. January calls for cleaning out the closet-This month we are focusing on building the basics of your wardrobe. 

To introduce myself: My name is Hilary and nearing towards stepping into a new decade of life- the thirties. My work encompasses things I am very passionate about in life- my husband, daughter, friends, family and fashion. I relate to the heavy load of events, activities, and responsibilities- the majority of young Mothers are involved with.  Every occasion from volunteering at school to a squeezed in date night with your spouse-calls for a different wardrobe decision. 

As long as you have a staple of complimentary basics in your closet, it allows you to be confidently prepared to look good and be comfortable at a moments notice. I suggest starting the simplifying process by beginning with the base of basics - bras, underwear, and camisoles. In the theme of simplicity- I suggest owning six pairs of underwear, six camisoles, and four brassieres- all of which are nude, white or black in color. To feel and look your best- make it a goal to be properly fitted for a brassiere this month. 

Start the year with a fresh new you and wardrobe! xoxo