Some of you may remember the old days of color analysis where we were segmented into seasons.  I was supposedly a winter but had autumn leanings.  It was restrictive and didn't allow room to incorporate the incredible range of colors out there.

So how can we explore more colors?  How do we look at ourselves to see what the possibilities may be?

To answer these questions I found a resource that made sense to me and it may help you.  It is Leatrice Eiseman's "More Alive With Color" 2006,Capital Books, Inc.  She  is a color specialist and executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.  Her website is:  

She says that we fall into three main color groupings.  First thing I noticed was that all these groupings have the full spectrum of colors; there weren't colors dictated "off-limits."  She calls one "Sunrise" colors that are very vibrant, intense, rich.  This is predominantly for those that have pink, blue skin tones.  The second color set is "Sunset" colors.  These are warm with yellow undertones, yet also quite rich and deep; good for those with yellow undertones in their skin.  Then there is the last set which is for the skin tone that is a mix of both pink and peach, warm and cool.  This color group is called "Sunlight" and is a clearer, lighter version of the color range.

How to tell which color group is yours?  First, think about what colors you gravitate towards?  What is appealing to you?  Secondly, look at the inside of your forearm.  This usually doesn't get as much exposure as the top side and lets your true skin tone show through easier.  Hold your arm up to a friend's.  Is one of you more pink, more yellow?  My skin, for example, has a lot of yellow in it so that my blue veins take on a greenish cast.  I'm clearly in the "Sunset" group.  Now, would I wear all those colors that are shown?  No.  There are colors I feel good in and some that I don't like.

Besides our skin, hair, and eye color guiding us to certain colors, our thoughts and feelings dictate our color choices.  I know one gal who looks fantastic in pink.  It is such a good color for her; it evened out her skin, brightened her face.  But she told me that she hated pink!  If she wore pink she would not feel good about herself.  What makes you feel good?

If you are close to my shop in The Dalles, feel free to come in and talk color!  And if you aren't, I hope you can look up these resources and start exploring the world of color and find some new choices that make you feel good.