Happy 2015!  Time for fresh starts..  We here at Lines of Designs will be generating some great blogs that hopefully you will find helpful and also entertaining.  There will be 2 points of view.  I, Luise, will be writing from my perspective which is the over 45, children just left the nest, parents need a little help, running my own business, did the corporate career, and so on.  My body is healthy but not a 20 years' old body.  The waist is thickening and gravity is winning.  Bummer!

The second viewpoint is from Hilary and I'll let her introduce herself.

We are starting the year like I'm sure a lot of you are doing by going through the closets and organizing our space.  My closet has gotten quite eclectic over the years.  I used to have a wardrobe so organized that in the morning darkness, I could pull out any top with any bottom and it would work; those were in my corporate days.  But no matter what your style sense, having a core go-to wardrobe helps bring some simplicity into your life.  A little simplicity is good!

Building a core wardrobe just means that you have some basic pieces that become the foundation for all the fun pieces but can also stand alone and work to present you in the best way possible.  There are many style books and blogs out there and they pretty much all say the same thing with respect to building a core, but they are valuable in helping you focus on your body, lifestyle, and wardrobe needs.  

Here's the link to a wardrobe worksheet I created that you can download and use to start on a simpler 2015!

Wardrobe Worksheet--download now!